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L'assassin a peur la nuit
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Title:L'assassin a peur la nuit
Release: 1942-09-02
Runtime: 100 min.
Genre: Crime
Stars: Mireille Balin, Jean Chevrier, Louise Carletti, Henri Guisol
Overview: Having pulled off a robbery with his friend Maurice, Olivier leaves his mistress Lola and hides out in a small village in the country. He finds work, thanks to a young man named Gilbert, who introduces him to his sister, Monique. Once the robbery has been all but forgotten, Olivier intends to head back to Paris, but before he goes, he steals money from his employer. In Paris, Olivier wants to say a proper goodbye to Lola, but she is being blackmailed by Jérôme, an antique dealer who has recognized a necklace stolen by Olivier. Before returning to Monique, Olivier calls on Jérôme to recover the necklace.